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The best infant car seat

Arsenal, full stop! But also used as a greeting, "What's going down? Vicki Babies to Bookworms on February 3, at pm. April Bean on February 6, at pm. That's true, but it's also easy to rectify the issue by draping a very thin muslin blanket over the handle in bright sunlight.

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Product List Search Rule Information. For the current preview session, this page lists the search rules that have been triggered by your search. Wow, this is really fabulous. I have been scouting for indoor activities for my twins… very happy to have come across your post…I have already set up their weekend activity for scavenger hunt.. Whatmomloves Thankyou and keep sharing some more activities for lil boys.

Thanks for your great list. There is really no age limit on these. Mini golf sounds great, groups can design their own holes and then the class can play the course. These are all great. We really appreciate your effort! Keep up the awesome work! Have them try and beat their best score each time.

Experiment with arm swinging vs. Long Jump Backwards: Increase the difficulty by performing the tasks jumping backwards. Hop: How far can they jump on one leg? Hunts Although we may hunt for things all the time hello keys, wallet, phone!

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The best budget infant car seat

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Krysten on February 3, at pm. McKinzie Bean on February 3, at pm. These are perfect for him! Chanel van Reenen on February 3, at pm. Amanda on February 3, at pm. Sane Mama on February 3, at pm. Kim on February 4, at pm. Sarah on February 6, at pm. April Bean on February 6, at pm. Nostalgia Seekers on February 7, at am. Such an awesome, epic list! Brenda on March 14, at am. Peta on February 9, at pm. That was brilliant.. Ashvin Nankoo on February 9, at pm. Love the ideas. Jennifer L. Corter jenngem on February 11, at am.

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Heather on August 9, at am. Lyla Morris on September 14, at am. Nakisha on September 14, at pm. Simon on November 14, at am. This is not a car seat you'll have to do battle with during installation, and I can vouch for that, as it installed quickly and simply for both my sons. As CarSeatBlog notes, the instructions are very clear whether you're installing the seat using LATCH connectors or a seat belt choose one or the other - never both.

The base is easy to adjust to change the seat angle, and there is a built-in bubble level to tell you when you've got it just right. I also loved being able to leave the handle in any locked position, up or down, while driving. Some car seats stipulate that you put the handle down, which is just one more thing for an overloaded mom brain to remember. I never had to fuss with the smooth-to-adjust harness, and the seat cover is extremely easy to wipe down. It can even be detached and thrown in the washer after that inevitable diaper blowout.

One long-standing criticism of the KeyFit that the Baby Gear Lab mentions is that it has a skimpy sun canopy compared with other infant seats. That's true, but it's also easy to rectify the issue by draping a very thin muslin blanket over the handle in bright sunlight. The KeyFit also isn't the lightest car seat at 9. An easy-to-use stroller frame like the Chicco Keyfit Caddy can be an arm-saver if you want to stroll for a while.

Pros: Very easy to install, fits all sizes of babies well, machine-washable cover, padding is plush, harness is easy to adjust, reasonably priced compared with other high-end car seats. It comes with a newborn head support to keep a small baby's head stable, but not full-body support like the one that comes with the KeyFit.

Because of that, CarSeatBlog notes that you may need to add rolled washcloths outside the harness to stabilize a very small baby. This Connect 30's biggest strong point: Unlike the KeyFit, it's very lightweight at only 7 pounds without base , so you won't break your back hauling it from the house to the car. It's also compatible with Graco's large Click Connect line of strollers and many non-Graco strollers, owing to its popularity.

The cover is machine-washable, and it has a large sun canopy that offers more coverage than the KeyFit, too. On the flipside, its downfall is ease of use. It's not a hard seat to install, but it's definitely not as easy to manage as the KeyFit. There is no level indicator to tell you when you have the seat at the proper installation angle, so you'll have to eyeball a single line on a seat label instead.

However, reviewers say adjusting the harness during day-to-day use is smooth and easy, and this seat also allows the handle to be left in any locked position while driving. Pros: Inexpensive, very lightweight, compatible with many strollers, large canopy, machine-washable cover, easy-to-adjust harness. Try picking up a ten-pound weight and carrying it around for a few minutes — you'll probably find the task no big deal. Now swap out that weight for a car seat that you have to lean over at an awkward angle to keep level, and then add a couple-dozen pounds of kid and then see how you do.

Ten pounds is a pretty average weight for infant car seats and having used one weighing that much with my son, I can tell you that what seems like a tolerable weight at first becomes quite a load as your kid grows. And for the record, I'm a 6'2" man who weighs pounds, and yes, I still found our old heavy car seat a burden.

This infant car seat weighs less than 6 pounds, and that's with inserts. Even when our kid passed her two-month mark, I can still lift the thing in and out of a car with one arm extended and with a pound preschooler in my other arm to boot. Also, it has a good sun shield, it pops into and out of the base or onto the stroller with ease, and it has an adjustable handle. The light weight is the true selling point here, but there's one more godsend to highlight: On either side of the seat is a little slot into which you can tuck the buckles while settling or retrieving your kid, thus keeping the straps and hardware out of your way.

If that seems like a pointless flourish, then you have not spent much time dealing with babies in car seats. Car Seat Blog calls the Pipa Lite LX an "outstanding rear-facing-only seat" in terms of safety and ease of use, and called it "so light you can literally carry it with one finger. Pros: Amazingly lightweight, quick installation, easy to get baby in and out of seat. If you're thinking about skipping the convenience of an infant seat with a base and going straight to a convertible, the Chicco NextFit Zip has you covered.

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It can be used for babies and young children from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing, and 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing. It also includes a newborn insert for infants from 5 to 11 pounds. There is a inch height limit. Still, this seat can keep kids rear-facing for a while, and many kids will also be able to stay in it forward-facing until they're ready for a booster, notes CarSeatBlog. It features a "SuperCinch" LATCH system that is simple to tighten, eliminating that annoying side-to-side seat wiggle that means your installation needs work.

The NextFit also has nine recline positions that make getting the proper installation angle a sure thing in any vehicle. You can double-check that you've got it right using the convenient bubble level. The Chicco NextFit Zip has a zippered seat cover that can be removed in a flash. Finally, the harness height can be adjusted from the front of the seat, which is a great feature.

It means you won't have to uninstall the seat to tinker with it when your kid grows a foot overnight. What's not to love about the NextFit? Like many premium convertibles, it's quite heavy at 25 pounds. While you won't be walking around with it like an infant seat, that's still worth considering if you know you'll want to move the seat from car to car. It's definitely too heavy for convenient travel - dragging this seat through the airport will leave you hating life.

Some Amazon reviewers also complain that the seat is bulky, with side-impact protection panels that come up too far, making it too hard to get a growing child in and out. Note: Our original recommendation, the Chicco NextFit, has been discontinued. We have switched our recommendation to the Chicco NextFit Zip, which has a zippered seat cover and it now has a lower price.

Pros: High height and weight limits, also good for young infants, good side-impact protection, very easy to install, machine-washable cover, harness height can be adjusted from front of seat. Cons: Expensive, heavy, bulky, harness can sometimes be hard to tighten. Budget-friendly convertible car seats keep kids just as safe as pricier ones, but they often skimp on comfort and convenience. The Evenflo Triumph LX requires no such compromise, offering a lot of the features of seats twice its price. Let's get one of the biggest downfalls out of the way early: The Evenflo Triumph LX is not going to last as long as other convertibles when it's rear-facing.

While you can use it from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing and 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing — just like the Chicco NextFit Zip — it has a rear-facing height limit of 37 inches. That means this seat likely won't get a taller kid rear-facing much past the age of two, so keep that in mind if you don't want to turn your child around that early. That said, there's a lot to like about the Triumph LX. It uses thick, gel-infused padding, uncommon among less expensive seats. CarSeatBlog loves the convenient buckle pockets, which mean you don't have to dig around under your child's back and rump for the straps when it's time to buckle up.

The reviewer also says the cover is easy to remove, and machine-washable to boot. Its reviewers also love the Infinite Slide harness feature that means the straps can be adjusted up or down without moving the seat. Experts give this seat great marks for crash protection, too. There are potential pitfalls, of course. Baby Bargains notes that the Triumph is wide, so look elsewhere if you're short on space. There are also no strap covers, and the knobs used to adjust strap tension get mixed reviews.

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Some Amazon buyers love them, but some say they're stiff and can be hard to turn when the seat is rear-facing. Pros: Good fit for small babies, easy to install, harness height can be adjusted from the front of the seat, thick padding, buckle-keeper pockets, machine-washable cover. Cons: Low rear-facing height limit, wide, no strap covers, knobs that adjust harness tension can be hard to use.

Big kids often move to booster seats before they're mature enough to use a seat belt properly.