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Moving to Florida? Here's Everything You Need to Know
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follow url Each year, one or two hurricanes usually hit the east coast of the United States.

Buying a house in Florida

Around 40 percent of them hit Florida, which has experienced 37 hurricanes since However, hurricane safety is one of the things to know before moving to Florida. If this region will be your new home, study hurricane safety tips so you understand what steps to take during your first severe weather alert. What can you expect to see in your yard, at the park or at the beach? Another common list-topper of things to know about living in Florida is the housing market. This site also predicts housing prices will increase 2.

As for the style of homes, Florida is fairly eclectic. You can find everything from historic homes to modern resort-style condos. A common theme in Florida you might not see elsewhere is the Spanish or Mediterranean style.

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This features a tile roof, stucco walls and iron window trim. This architectural style is often associated with Florida and is usually found among higher-priced homes. Of course, there are other costs involved when living in Florida in addition to housing and home remodeling.

Taxes, utilities, transportation and other expenses must be factored in as you set your budget for your new life in Florida. The good news is, most living costs are comparable to other states, and some offer savings. Due to the warm weather, you can expect to spend less on heating fuel and winter clothing than in other parts of the country. Insurance is another major factor in the cost of living.

Remember those storms, everglades and rivers we mentioned? They put most of Florida at a serious flood risk. Since most Florida homes are near the water, flood insurance is often a necessity. So, homeowners must purchase flood insurance separately. If you are considering purchasing a specific property in Florida, verify whether you will be required to purchase flood insurance and how much it will cost. Flood insurance can be pricey and could significantly affect your monthly budget as you search for a Florida home. Some employment positions are more common in Florida than any other state.

Other top employers include the public-school system, the healthcare industry and Publix supermarkets, a Florida-based grocery chain. Other popular fields of employment include exports, aviation and biomedical research. As you review the list of job opportunities in Florida, you may wonder who holds these positions. Floridians hail from all over the country. With a high percentage of transplants, Florida offers a mixed demographic.

Despite the considerable number of seniors who retire here, the state does not have the highest median age in the U.

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There is no need to spend time chasing lots of Realtors. All Florida Realtors are State licensed and regulated and can advise on all aspects of the purchase e. A firm contract is signed after agreeing the selling price. Featured Islamorada Florida Keys Waterfront home for sale. Investing in Florida real estate can help to balance your portfolio, for example by diversifying out of other types of markets e. There are several advantages to real estate investment:. Equity build-up: as property appreciates in value and any loan is paid off, investor equity accumulates.

Tax advantages: there are both income and capital gains tax benefits, although this of course varies by country and by individual. Purchase and ownership costs: buying and selling incurs substantial commissions and taxes; ownership imposes maintenance and rent collection burdens. I prefer Tampa simply because Miami is soooo crowded and has become somewhat of an armpit. You also better know how to speak spanish if you want to live there.

There is no state tax there and the sales tax is low like TX.

I felt the electric, insurance, etc Even living in Seattle where the housing and sales tax is a little higher we still make out better because everything else is cheaper than in FL. You're young go for it if you think you can get jobs. Send a private message to natinwpb.

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Find More Posts by natinwpb. If you can stand it, you might consider Fort Lauderdale as opposed to Miami IMO it is much nicer. Send a private message to Dukey1.

Is Moving To Florida Worth It?

Find More Posts by Dukey1. I would look for a job, first. Send a private message to Placename. Find More Posts by Placename.

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Ah yes, my fiance speaks decent Spanish and I speak a little bit. We're actually both from Missouri originally, been here for about four years, but he actually speaks more Spanish than some of the Hispanics here do! We were thinking somewhere on the Gulf Coast, since I hear they tend to have prettier water, and we were hoping for somewhere with a magnet hospital.

I have already been keeping my eye open for jobs. What sort of range in electricity bills are you guys paying? Florida is great - I don't currently live there, but it was one of my top choices for my undergrad Florida State in Tallahassee.

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I honestly hate Miami - it's warm, and beautiful, but it's overpacked, they have serious water problems, and the bugs are disgusting. I'd choose Tampa all the way over Miami -- more inland, but a nicer environment to live in. If you don't mind moving farther south, Clearwater is my ultimate fav place in Florida to be. The oceans great, the air is nice, it's not touristy It's just a nice place to be. Send a private message to triathletesyd.

Find More Posts by triathletesyd. Feb 24th, , AM. I would look more at Jacksonville area. Great hospitals and the east coast is so much better than the gulf coast. I live south of Daytona. I don't like the gulf side at all. No taxes but we have huge unemployment and have seen property values drop in half.

I would never go to Miami for so many reasons. Marineland does a lot of things with SeaWorld. They are south of St Augustine. I think this area is much more laid back and affordable. Send a private message to flpab. Find More Posts by flpab. Good hospitals in the Melbourne area. Send a private message to tomfuller. Find More Posts by tomfuller.

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Check out Pensacola at the very end of the panhandle- more of a southern small city in vibe, with gorgeous water and beaches, affordable housing, not too crowded, and some change in seasons. Send a private message to BlueSwimmer. Find More Posts by BlueSwimmer. Feb 24th, , PM.

Find the Right Place

I like the west coast much better, so I would vote for Tampa. Send a private message to jubilada. Find More Posts by jubilada. Property taxes are a whole 'nother ball of wax and highly favor longtime property owners, so if you're thinking of buying property when you get here, be aware that your property taxes might be several times higher than your next-door neighbor.