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Candy Necklace Craft for Kids - Different members of my family celebrate different holidays. Some celebrate Easter and others celebrate Passover. These trees pop out all year long with cascades of curly ribbon! Chenille Candy Canes and Ribbons - Chenille stems make the easiest candy canes and you will be amazed and how happy your child will be after making these easy ornaments. Christmas stocking Swag Ribbons Crafts - Make a merry decoration with holiday stockings that can be hung anywhere to add a festive atmosphere! Streamers flow from this festive big-top to each place at the table.

How To Make A Cheeky Christmas Elf Puppet Craft

Double-sided Paper Window Card Jul 9, - See how quick and easy it is to make a window card with double-sided paper or cardstock. This is an ideal project for groups of varying ages and skills, and the finished magnets make great gifts! Hopefully this will help pass the time! Candy Necklace with Ribbons Crafts Activity - Present this necklace to a sweetie to wear with pride before, presumably, they eat it. After some simple prep work, this project is as easy as fold, cut and glue.

Chicks are adorable Easter motifs and this idea will be fun for children to create. When the children have completed their chicks, your help as a parent or provider is necessary to complete the chick because the usage of a glue gun and a drill is necessary. Crayon Streamer Necklace Ribbons - For a real jewel of an activity, encourage your children make these necklaces. Create your very own Goldilocks or another favorite story heroine. Caterpillar Ribbons Messenger - Gift a friend with this curly critter, who's ever ready to spring into action delivering a phone message or reminder.

Christmas Ribbons Arrangement - This Christmas arrangement craft is great for kids to make as a table decoration or to give as a gift. Christmas Ribbons Candleholder Crafts Instructions - Cast a glow on children's faces with this simple, charming hand-painted candleholder. Follow the winter theme by turning the snowman into a snowflake or a Menorah. Craft Stick Egg Ribbons Wreath Crafts Project for Kids - This Easter egg craft takes some drying time and some patience but will look great hanging in your door or on the wall.

The best thing about it is that they can make right at home!

Step by Step tutorial on how to make a DIY Caterpillar craft for kids

Christmas Craft Kids Finger Puppets (QuickCraft) - Kindle edition by QuickCraft. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. If you're looking for a fun and interactive Christmas craft for your kids this holiday Make these cute polar bear kids craft finger puppets to go along with a favorite polar .. Sometimes you just need a quick craft to keep the kids entertained.

Christmas R ibbon Picture Card Crafts Instructions - This is a good card if you need something that the children can turn out quickly - even "assembly line" style! There are lots of pretty Christmas ribbons available in the shops with pictures on them. Alternatively, you could of course use pictures cut from last year's Christmas cards, or you could buy a piece of Christmas quilting fabric - the kind with lots of small individual pictures. Your children can create their own comets by using different types of ribbon, gluing stars to the tinfoil, or anything else your would-be astronomers can think up to design their own space traveling comet.

Cute Cover-Up Summer Ribbons Craft for Kids - With a towel and a few trimmings, you and your kids can craft these cool beach and pool cover-ups and have a fun day under the sun. Dangly Ribbon Doorway Decor Arts and Crafts Directions - For a kid, there's something inherently fun about adorning the entrance to her room with a dangly ribbon curtain she can part and step through. Dangling Ribbons Snowman Crafts Activity - It doesn't take a single flake to build this frosty character -- you can round him up with white foam, buttons, and ribbon.

This tote bag will serve as the container for lots and lots of candies and toys during Halloween. Dog-Bone Ribbons Wreath Crafts Activity Idea - Whether given to your own pet or a friend's Fido, this wreath with edible ornaments is the perfect pooch present. Dancing Knots Ribbons Craft - Hold hands with friends, dance in and out, and get all tangled up into a big knot!

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Draw colorful swirls and curls on a dancing fan. Dreidel Doorway Ribbon Hanging Craft - Hang these festive hand-made ornaments for Chanukah around your windows and doors. The napkin ties are simple to make, look cute, and children are free to make just one or an entire set! Four chenille stem petals make the flower, while the colorful egg creates the center. Egg Ribbons Ornaments Crafts Ideas for Easter Decorations - A very different way to decorate your Christmas tree is to use eggs decorated with ribbons and trimmings.

Easter Bunny Paper Chain - Give a bit of color to bare windows or patio glass doors in your house in the spring. Fairy Flower Crown Dress up as a fairy with this fun, floral crown. Family Reunion Nametags - Who's who? And how are we related? These brightly colored nametags help cousins and other kin figure out family connections. Filled Glass Ornaments - Gather your family and make these pretty glass ornaments—filled with just about anything. The possibilities are endless…. Finger Paint Mobile - This finger-painted mobile combines pie-in-the-sky fun with fine-motor and coordination skills building.

Move outside and turn on the hose for easy cleanup. Festive Ribbon Dragon Crafts Instructions Celebrate Chinese New Year by crafting this mini version of the monster-size dragon used during holiday parades and festivities.

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Still, we couldn't resist coming up with a wearable, and of course safe, variation on the tradition that often leaves kids the most wide-eyed: fireworks. For an even more personalized, changeable look, she can slip photos or drawings under the ribbons. As with any lampshade, use only the recommended bulb. Firecrackers Ribbons Craft for Kids on Fourth of July - These are party favors which contain candies, chocolates or small toys you may give out to your guests.

Felt Purse and Ribbons Crafts - If your little girl wants to be just like Mommy and the big girls with her own purse, this is a creative way to give in without actually spending money on expensive accessories for a pint-sized clothes horse. Felt and Ribbon Bookmarks Crafts Idea - This is a quick and simple craft idea suitable for all ages of children. The bookmarks are perfect for a special present for a teacher, mummy or granny - and also lend themselves to a production line if lots are required for a class or party bags! Girl's Diary, Notebook or Journal - This craft project is sure to make a young girl's diary cheerful and is quite easy to make.

This fun, easy craft takes a bit of time to make but it's not too difficult and the results can be kept forever. Hawaii Luau Party Mobile with Ribbons Craft - This Party Mobile is easy to make and looks fantastic hanging over your party table or hanging from the ceiling. Handheld Ribbon Streamers Crafts Activity for Kids - Kids will have fun at parades and other celebrations with these handheld ribbon streamers.

With just a few strands of ribbon you can create an accessory that looks cool when kids run or dance with it. Inchworm Ribbons Bookmark Craft - Mark your page with a bookworm that's at home between the pages. Jazzy Biro Ribbons Pens Crafts Project - These make great gifts and are ideal for making signing in guest books at parties fun.

Jingling Tambourine - Create your own Jingling Tambourine from everyday objects. You'll be ready to play and dance along with your favorite music. Lovely Ribbon Bracelets - This twist on the classic friendship bracelet takes only a few minutes to put together. Loving Hands Ribbons Valentine Craft - You won't find these lovebirds on any store-bought card because they're made from your child's own handprints.

Layered Bath Salts - Colored bath salts are so easy and cheap to make that even small children can join the fun. This is an ideal classroom project, for teaching primary colors and color mixing, or as an attractive homemade gift for mom. Letters and Things Organizer - Tuck stamps, scissors, a pen, and address labels in one section; sort mail into "outgoing" and "incoming" sections to keep things organized. Moss Ball Christmas Ornament - With just a Styrofoam ball, some ribbon, some potpourri pieces and many items that can be found outdoors in our garden, you can make this decorative ornament.

Natural yet elegant, each ornament will not only look unique and charming but smell fresh as well. Magnet r ibbon butterfly - Let the kids use up your ribbon scraps and make this pretty butterfly shaped ribbon and magnet craft. Their creativity will manifest through the products of their craft. These wands can be used as accessories during Halloween activities in school or in the neighborhood.

Message Mobile with Colorful Ribbons Craft - Hung from a plant hook or the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, this message center will keep important notes, permission slips, and school announcements from getting trampled, stained, eaten by the dog, or just plain lost. Miniature Poinsettia Pot - This cute little flower would make a perfect decoration for a fashion doll house or look equally as pretty sitting on a windowsill with your other holiday decorations.

Nut and candy ribbon cups - These nut and candy cups make great place settings for Boy Scouts' blue and gold banquets. This craft is also a perfect way to recycle used baby food jars. Never-Melt Snowman - Brrrr! Too cold to go outside, or no snow on the ground?

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No problem! Make this cute textured snowman to decorate your home. New Year's Noisemakers - This New Year's, make a few items that create a festive mood without deafening the adults. Pencil Box Kids can make their own pencil cases and decide on what design they would want to put on it. Pompom Fluff Bunny — Help your child make a fluffy Easter bunny from pompoms. It's a refreshing take on the old "wind sock" art project. Prowling Jungle Cat Mobile In the wild, leopards love to pounce, prowl, and play!

This realistic mobile hits the spot! Puzzle Wreath Ornament If you have any puzzles that are missing pieces, they can be turned into fun craft projects! Take this cute wreath ornament for example. Turn spare puzzle pieces into a cute ornament for your Christmas tree. There is only one piece to cut out and the embellishments are made with dimensional paint. The children can be creative and decorate theirs in different ways and make numerous of them to use as tree, package or window decorations.

Paper Plate Wreath This is one of the most familiar Christmas wreaths for those with toddlers and preschoolers. It's great all the way up to early grade school where you can focus on patterning along with the craft. Add a photo of the child to the center to make a great keepsake for mom or grandma. Paper Star Frames - Mounted on a ribbon, the frames look good hung on a doorknob, a bedpost or a Christmas tree branch. Peppermint Mail Post - Sweeten your street this holiday season with a larger-than-life mailbox decoration. Pine Cone Hyacinth Flower This one will look great in a flower pot.

It's a different and unique flower craft and will make a wonderful Mother's Day gift or decoration for your house. Popsicle Stick for Kids - Your kids will love creating these little characters. When they're dry, they'll have loads of imaginary fun too! Pumpkin Funny Faces These easy to make Halloween decorations can be displayed by the window or the doorway for kids who go around the block trick or treating a sight to behold.

Pretty Ribbon-Covered Canister - Check out these super cute canisters made with stuff from the dollar store! I love the clever use of glass marbles. Now can you say fun five times fast? Rain Sticks - Kids will love to listen to the sound of these sticks. They will surely be amazed when they discover that paper and rice really does sound like rain. Great for trimming the tree or for kids to make and give as gifts - and good for our environment too! Ribbon Roller Coaster - Hold on for a thrilling ride through your children's inventive minds.

Kids observe details, evaluate processes, and make decisions as they create their very own roller coasters. Ribbons, Rosettes and Medals - Everyone wins with hand-made awards that celebrate personal accomplishments. This art idea really goes the distance! Recycled Christmas Wreath - Simple, fun and inexpensive, this wreath is made from recycled packing popcorn and recycled cardboard along with a few other items.

It makes a great holiday decoration! Easy kids craft. Ribbon Angel Ornament - Turn ribbon into a beautiful angel ornament and you have a decoration that's perfect for a mantel or tree. Ribbon Covered Hanger - These pretty coat hangers are very easy to make and you can substitute the ribbon for fabric scraps if you like. Whichever you choose, this no-sew craft project turns a wire coat hanger into a homemade gift or a useful addition to your own clothes closet.

Recycled Wreath - Looking for a festive way to recycle your holiday wrapping debris? Give your tot a paper plate with the center cut out and let him decorate it with leftover pieces of gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbon, and more. Reindeer Candy Cane Craft - This is a cute reindeer craft that you can hang on the tree as an ornament or attach to a gift as a special decoration.

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Ribbon Candy Ornaments - This fun-to-fold ribbon candy decoration really dresses up a tree or a window. Arrange several in a small box, and you've got a great gift package to send to a long-distance relative or family friend. Ribbon Door Flag - You don't need a wraparound porch or even a flagpole to hang our compact version of the Stars and Stripes--a front door will do fine.

Ribbon Pens - Younger children love these pens too, but it requires hot glue to make them. They're nice gifts for babysitters or older siblings to give to younger ones. Ribbon Pillow - Cute and colorful, this no-sew throw pillow has a woven ribbon front tied to a fleece back. Ribbon Easter Eggs - Sometimes simple is best - and here we illustrate how you can easily decorate your Easter eggs by the simple addition of some ribbons.

Ribbon Flowers - Fashioned from colorful wire ribbon and floral wire, these whimsical blossoms shape up into an impressive Easter bouquet. And unlike real blooms, they'll last long after the holiday. Ribbon and Foam Bee Door Hanger - Carefree summer days filled with flowers and bees buzzing - that's what is brought to mind with this easy fun foam bee door hanger. The supplies you need to make it are inexpensive and readily available - making this a great group project or weekend craft. This door hanger craft project can be completed in under an hour. Ribbon Jewelry - Ribbon jewelry is an ideal quick and easy rainy day craft.

You will find most of the things you need in your sewing box or craft cupboard! And it makes an ideal craft for parties too: provide a selection of bits and bobs, have the girls create their own necklaces and bracelets and let them take them home. Ribbon and Lace Message Organizer - Use leftover ribbon and lace, or buy end-of-roll trims on sale to make this economical ribbon and lace message center. Slide phone messages, appointment cards or personal love notes under the ribbons to keep family members organized and "on the same page.

Rainbow Necklace - Make a rainbow to wear round your neck for St. Patrick's Day, spring, or any time you need something bright and pretty to cheer you up!

DIY Hand Puppet from Drink Carton - Easy & Quick Craft Ideas for Kids

Ribbon Peace Doves - Violence, death and major illness are tough for kids to understand. To help your child process difficult information in a positive way, make these lovely peace doves, accented by awareness ribbons that symbolize the causes that are meaningful to your family. Ribbon Spool Christmas Candle - Candles are wonderful, but this one is safer!

This flame lasts forever and will not burn your fingers. It would make a lovely centerpiece on your Christmas dinner table. Make any of these ribbon crafts with supplies you can find at your local craft or discount store for quick and easy gift items with a personal touch.

Making simple ribbon crafts is a perfect way for kids and teens to explore their creativity. Ribbon Wrapped Napkin Rings - Lend a cheerful touch to your Christmas dinner table with this Ribbon wrapped napkin rings craft. Since it uses paper towel tubes this craft also provides kids with a great introduction to the idea of recycling.

Snowman Christmas Tag — Every kid and adults too loves a snowman! Santa Claus Doorknob Hanger - Young children can make it it's easier for them to do the paper version , but even pre-teens through adults will enjoy creating this cute doorknob hanger. Use fun foam to make the project more challenging. Snowman Garland - Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, your kids can have fun rounding up these decorative little snowmen.

String them together, and they look great as a doorway or banister adornment. Or you can hang them singly as tree ornaments. Decorate it with your school colors! Sparkles Ornament - This ornament will sparkle on your Christmas tree. By using glittery ribbon and loads of clear and white glitter, this ornament will catch the lights on your Christmas tree and make them shine in all directions. Spooky Fun Foam Bracelets Have some friends over and make spooky bracelets for each other this Halloween.

Summer Rain Stick - Get kids into the summer spirit by making a summer rain stick. This is a cool craft that uses a cardboard mailing tube and uncooked beans to recreate the soothing sounds of a summer downpour. Swirling Streamers - Movement and dance are natural ways for kids to express their ideas and feelings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All content on this website is copyrighted and available for personal or educational use only.

Excerpts and links may be used, together with only one photograph providing clear credit is given to MollyMooCrafts. If you reference my work, ideas or photos, please link back to www. What characters will you make? Happy making, friends! Subscribe By Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My Instagrams Join the fun with hashtags creativemamas momsoninstagram. I'm a craft writer for.