Cat Breeds: Which is Your Perfect Pet?

What Are the Best Cat Breeds for Pets?
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Dog: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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Use Purina's Cat Breed Selector to find the best cat breed for you and your family. Choose your ideal cat breed based on your lifestyle preferences. If you're thinking about bringing home a feline companion for the younger family a decision, we've compiled a list of 10 of the most family-friendly cat breeds.

Dog: English Bulldog. Dog: German Shepherd.

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Dog: Weimaraner. Dog: Bichon Frise. Cat: Norwegian Forest Cat. Cat: Russian Blue.

Best Cat Breeds: Factors to Consider

Cat: American Shorthair. Cat: Egyptian Mau. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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More From Pets. Dogs Cats Cats and Dogs None. Some cats respond better than others to sharing their home with other pets. How energetic should your cat be? Very Energetic Lively Playful Quiet.

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Would you prefer your cats physique to be Larger Smaller No Preference. Some breeds are particularly noted for their physical size and weight. How much grooming would your cat receive each week?

10 Large Cat Breeds That Would Be the Purr-fect Addition to Your Home

None One session per week Two-three sessions per week One session per day. What type of cat would you prefer? The Manx meow unusually sounds like a trill. You will likely hear their padded paws following you around the house. Some Manx have also been known to play fetch and enjoy the water.

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Manx are so protective they might growl or attack a dog or a person they suspect is a threat to their family. Ragdolls are extremely mild-mannered and friendly, and often seek out human companionship, such as following people around the house, sleeping with or flopping on their owners.

This breed is particularly good with children and other pets and is easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, such as playing fetch, rolling over or begging. Sweet natured and demure, Scottish fold cats are known to possess an easy-going nature, and to be very loving and friendly with people and other household pets. This outgoing and playful breed tends to become particularly attached to one family member.

The Scottish fold cat is also known for its soft voice and the ability to "speak" in a variety of different-sounding purrs and meows not commonly heard in many other cat breeds.

2. Ragdoll

The Grandfather Cat. Some breeds are particularly noted for their physical size and weight. Bewertungen und Buchrezensionen 0 0 Sterne-Bewertungen 0 Bewertungen. A cat that will possibly entertain your idea to put a harness on it and walk it down the sidewalk, but let's not get ahead of ourselves there. Tonkinese: This cat breed will provide hours of love and cuddles and is allegiant to his or her owner. Prepare for some serious cleanup due to their shedding. The American Bobtail adapts well to houses with children.

This shorthaired, blue-eyed breed is one of the most sociable of all felines—and one of the most popular. Intelligent and highly social, Siamese cats enjoy interaction with children and other animals, particularly dogs. This active and playful breed seeks out companionship from human counterparts, whether that entails sitting laps or being in bed with their owners.

Because of their attention-seeking personalities, Siamese cats are often compared to dogs since they tend to follow their owners around, and have been known to willingly walk on leashes. Siberian cats are known to be incredibly affectionate and playful—eager to play with children and accepting of other household pets. Always looking for an activity, a Siberian will play fetch, walk of a leash if trained, hunt, leap from one high place to the next and play in water if given the opportunity.

This breed retains its kitten-like personality throughout life. There is some debate as to whether or not this low-shedding cat breed is ideal for a family with allergy sufferers.

Discuss with a veterinarian first if this is of interest to your family. Top 10 Cat Breeds of

The Right Pet in the Right Home