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Another method of preserving strength was simply have the blade start off thick, then taper to a point.

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This method was used in early western swords, as well as this Chinese swords, like this one from during the Han Dynasty second century BC. As smithing techniques advanced, iron and steel were used to make swords sleeker and stronger than bronze swords. During the 1st century AD, the Roman Empire used the Spatha, an advanced, one handed, double edged sword. The Spatha's effectiveness in battle, and Roman's wide influence, means that this sword's basic pattern remained popular for centuries to come even after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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Get Started. Soon, smiths learned that with a proper amount of coal specifically the carbon in coal in the iron, another metal alloy really could be produced: steel. Several different ways of swordmaking existed in ancient times. One of the most reputed is pattern welding.

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Over time new methods were developed all over the world. In Pre-Columbian South America and Mesoamerica several cultures made use of types of swords without developing metallurgy; for example swords with obsidian "teeth" mounted along the "edges" of a wooden "blade".

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I now had the size of the wooden handle, so I cut the tang of the sword to match. The emergence and production of full-hilted swords in the Early Nordic Bronze Age". The technique is a succession of six slashes using the fusion swords performed on a floating Sephiroth; it is unknown how the technique would be performed on a grounded target. These swords eventually evolved into, among others, the Roman gladius and spatha , and the Greek xiphos and the Germanic sword of the Roman Iron Age , which evolved into the Viking sword in the 8th century. Swords have changed throughout history, and the unique styles and designs of swords around the world vary greatly. The Varna guy from around BC lived right at the beginning of serious metal usage and had stone and copper axes in his grave besides all his gold - but no knife and certainly no sword. The word sword continues the Old English , sweord.

Having seen use for about five millennia, swords began to lose their military uses in the late 18th century because of increasing availability and reliability of gunpowder weapons. Swords were still used although increasingly limited to officers and ceremonial uniforms.

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Cavalry sabre charges still occurred as late as World War II during which Japanese and Pacific Islanders also occasionally used swords. You may copy and modify it as long as the entire work including additions remains under this license. You must provide a link to www. Search TheMiddleAges. Parts of the sword Blade - the cutting part of a sword is the blade.


In single-edged swords, the non-cutting edit is the back. The blade may also have grooves or fullers. The purpose of these fullers is not to act as gutters for blood as was once thought , but to lighten the blade while allowing it to retain its strength.

First Sword of Braavos

Hilt - the handle of a sword, and consists of the guard, the grip, and the pommel. It may also have a tassel or sword knot.

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First Sword of Braavos is a title held by the chief protector and champion of the Sealord of the Free City of Braavos. Syrio Forel mentions that he had previously. A sword is a bladed weapon intended for slashing or thrusting that is longer than a knife or . Chinese iron swords made their first appearance in the later part of the Western Zhou Dynasty, but iron and steel swords were not widely used until.

Scabbard - the scabbard is the case that the sword is kept in when not in use. Ricasso - the short section of blade between the base of the guard and the grip. The ricasso is not sharpened, which allows a finger to be wrapped around the guard for better control.