Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars On Drugs

everybody must get stoned- Boy brand One Direction in smoking dope accusation
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Nations who united only to fight a common enemy decide to resolve their differences with weapons of mass destruction , protagonists with military backgrounds get turned into Blood Knights and so on. Cue hilarious montages of them tripping out while the rest of the episode's plot plays out around them. In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfnip Madness", the Smurfs eat smurfnip-laced smurfberries and start getting really silly, with one of the Smurfs actually singing a Smurf version of a Bob Dylan song.

There's a Digimon Tamers one-shot where Takato has broken his leg Kazu's fault and Kazu, Henry and Kenta show up to keep him company one evening.

They end up watching an incredibly dumb movie that Kazu suddenly starts finding funny at a very unfunny part. No one's sure what's wrong with him until Kenta bites into one of Takato's pain pills that were in his popcorn. Turns out the bottle spilled into the popcorn and everyone except Henry took at least a little. Cue Henry playing Only Sane Man to his varying-degrees-of-stoned teammates.


In the penultimate episode of the first season of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse , Zecora attempts to perform a Zebra ritual to put all of Ponyville in an enchanted sleep. However, she is interrupted, and the curse misfires. The mutated curse causes anyone who gets drunk to stay drunk, unable to pass out or sober up, and compels them to try and get everyone else drunk.

Aging Rock Stars - cover of "Everybody Must Get Stoned" by Bob Dylan - November 30, 2013

Before anyone realizes what's happening, all the Ponyville adults are roaring drunk and tearing the town apart in their delirium. It falls on Dinky Doo and a few of her friends to break the curse. Cheech and Chong films. In The Faculty , the aliens have an adverse reaction to Zeke's homemade drugs that cause them to die instantly.


The group snorts the drugs to prove to each other they are not infected. This leads to its own problem of not only are they being pursued by alien body snatchers, but now they are high as well. Subverted in that it's just caffeine pills being sold as hard drugs. Turns out the aliens can't handle even the mild dehydration caused by caffeine.

The Beach Girls. In the Illuminatus! They needn't have bothered since someone had already put the stuff in the water supply.

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  3. The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders.

Of course this being Illuminatus , the protagonists keep getting stoned repeatedly anyway for fun, sport, and enlightenment. It even includes Franklin Delano Roosevelt giving a good word for the stuff. By the end of their one-hour get-together, they've renounced Christ and adopted geocentrism.

Well, the story only followed one of them further - his initial reaction was belief that his fellow Knights may be homosexuals, and that the Earth is probably flat.

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Later on, he's interviewed in radio as a respected astrophysicist who through his new found thirst for knowledge quickly disproved the flat-earth theory and went on to study the actual evidence. It's left unknown what became of the rest of the Knights. Naked Lunch features several scenes in which groups of people unwittingly ingest a mood-altering drug.

In The Pale King , Chris mentions how common and easy it was to obtain drugs in college. Happens in the novelization of One Foot in the Grave , courtesy of a batch of spiked mince pies. Live Action TV. In the Star Trek franchise, this is a time-honored tradition: The original series has " The Naked Time ", in which a disease makes everyone get progressively drunker, and a Hate Plague created by a malevolent Energy Being.

Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars on Drugs

In "This Side of Paradise", something was in the air that made an irradiated planet inhabitable, but made everyone happy and wanting to stay forever—except Captain Kirk. It didn't help that a drunk Wesley Crusher is still smarter than the rest of the cast combined. There was also a telepathically-spread Vulcan disease that an ill Sarek spread, causing emotions to run rampant. A much milder example happened in "Night Terrors," in which not dreaming made the crew get a little ornery and forget things they were about to say by the end of the episode.

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Maybe the writers thought it was a lot more dramatic than it turned out to be. Star Trek: The Next Generation also had the episode "The Game", in which aliens got the crew addicted to a video game that made them really mellow in order to take over the ship. Data, not being susceptible, had to be put out of commission.

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Sirius' patented zaniness, a little forced from time to time, makes for a not-altogether-serious disquisition on the intersection of . Everybody Must Get Stoned Paperback – Bargain Price, April 1, . Start reading Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars On Drugs on your Kindle in under.

Guess who saved the ship Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a Love Is in the Air episode in which the entirety of the base's personnel except for Odo, who gets to be the Only Sane Man due to being goo in his true form turn against each other, acting out an alien conflict, due to a Phlebotinum-ized disease. The weird thing was that it was explicitly stated to have only affected the people in Ops at a specific time and the solution involved curing only those people.

But the whole crew did indeed seem affected during the episode. Voyager : The Maquis crew members were Brainwashed into trying to take over the ship by a message from home containing hidden signals from one of the last surviving Maquis. This sort of thing happened to the Voyager crew more than once, though. Enterprise had "Singularity," in which a Negative Space Wedgie makes everyone obsess over trivial things. This one had many Funny Moments : Redshirt: "Ensign, if we don't serve something soon, we'll have a riot on our hands. Hoshi, who'd taken over for ailing chef: "Is this too salty?


They called themselves the Electric Flag. USD 9. Jul 14, Glenn rated it liked it Shelves: music , cannabis , drugs. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Fucking waste. There are a few salacious details to titillate the reader. Sirius, R.

Something's not right Yet the film-makers found another side to Joplin — a woman caught between the rush of stardom and her longing for approval and support from her family. She was teased for her short skirts and dyed hair and later for taking up with a woman. She dropped out of university, and spent five years in the folk-beat world of Texas, New York and San Francisco. Addicted to amphetamines, Joplin was shipped home and made an effort to become the schoolteacher her parents hoped she would be. But then, in , Joplin found her place.

The film-makers found reels of footage from the Monterey and Woodstock festivals, as well as the trans-Canadian Festival Express tour with the Grateful Dead and the Band. As a blues singer in the rock world, she was given a huge forum to go on stage, wail and share her innermost secrets with tens of thousands of people.

But she was left constantly needing more attention and adoration. Yet at the same time Joplin was concerned to prove she was also a conventional woman, with a boyfriend.

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Comparisons between two unusual, powerful singers are inevitable, not least because both died at the same age. Both suffered from body dysmorphia, both found intensity and escape in drugs and sex, and both sought to draw attention away from themselves with style. Berg believes Joplin was on the cusp of a personal and professional rebirth. She had a stable relationship, had just released Pearl , her finest record, and found that she could sing in a new way that could offer her career longevity.