Love Sex & Marriage in the Middle Ages: A Sourcebook

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Sexual Equality. S69 Vindication of the Rights of Woman M Woolstonecraft. W6 Women in Revolutionary Paris Selected Documents. Writings of Catherine Booth. BX B66 Women's Suffrage Demonstration. Paris July 5, African American Women. Memoirs and letters scans and transcripts of three women. American Jewess. This site contains the digitized editions of the American Jewess magazine , which was an English-language periodical aimed at the interests of American Jewish women.

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It discussed various topics like women's place in the synagogue, and whether women should ride bicycles. It also more broadly critiqued gender inequalities in Jewish communal life. Broadsides, documents, and scrapbooks from the Library of Congress collection. Timeline that links people and events to letters, diaries, photos, lectures, personal papers, newspaper columns, etc. L'Art et la Mode. Over 80 years of editions of this French-language fashion magazine. Choose a year, choose an issue, then enlarge to full screen by choosing "Plein Ecran".

Use the sidebar to choose the decade you want to view. Australian Women's Weekly. A monthly newspaper first published in Digital scans of the original publication. Link to Duke University's page on diaries and letters written during the Civil War.

History: Gender / Women's History

Materials from more than a dozen writers. Digital Public Library of America: Women. Images and text on women from the DPLA collections. Access digital collections of letters, photos, diaries, artifacts, etc. Collection of letters to and from women in Europe from the 4 th — 13 th centuries. Feminist Chronicles From Typists to Trailblazers. Memos, letters, and official documents. Simone de Beauvoir was a. The Second Sex is her notable work.

Image is from Wikimedia Commons:. Book cover is in the Public Domain. Gifts of Speech. History of Women's Higher Education. Sort by title, author, or time period. Some of the texts, letters, and images are only excerpts or samples of the collection's in-house holdings. Loyalist Women in New Brunswick. Two collections of documents: The Winslow Letters documents from the Winslow family - click one of their names to go to the list of 62 documents; and various resources in Five Loyalist Women. Monastic Matrix.

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The Pill. PBS feature on birth control pills and contraception. See several documents here. Salem Witch Trials. A miscellaneous selection of documents, sermons, and transcripts. See also the Cornell University Digital Witchcraft Collection of about books scanned from microform. Scriptorium: Medieval Women. Text and image links on women in the Middle Ages. Sophie Smith Collection. Stanton and Anthony Papers. Anthony, two 19 th century reformers. Studies in Scarlet. Victorian Web: Gender Matters. Primary and secondary content on topics on the economy, politics, society, culture, religion, etc.

Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman is better. Image from Wikimedia Commons. Photo by H. Victorian Women Writers Project. Search by author or title, or compare keywords across the collection. Literature, political pamphlets, and histories from the second-half of the 19th century. Women and Religion. A small collection of sources from the Internet Sacred Text Archive on feminism, women warriors, goddesses, and utopian fiction. Women and the Holocaust. Tributes, reflections, personal testimonials of women under German National Socialism. Women in World History. Women Making History and Culture Collection of audio files: interviews, panel discussions, performance, news coverage, and other.

Requires Real Audio. Women of Protest. Pictures from Women Working Manuscripts, books, pamphlets, and photographs. Focus is on women in the United States and their effect on the economy. Fordham University collection, international in scope and covering the ancient world to the present.

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Women's Travel Diaries. Over diaries of British and American women who documented their oveseas experiences. Worchester Women's History Project. Rosie the Riveter. Seventeen year-old Geraldine Doyle Hoff Wikimedia photo made available online. Dagkas, Symeon. Dalton, Paul. Diemling, Maria. Donaldson, Gina. Doyle, April.

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